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Modern Design Living Room and Family Room Ideas


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Nowadays, modern men and women prefer sensible interior design in their home. They are inclined to use functional interior since it boosts simplicity and effortless living. If you’re a busy individual who desires practicality in home interior, you may use a few tips from this post. Now this post will discuss some astonishing practical modern designs of living room and living room that agree with your modern livingroom.

Look in this simple but elegant formal living room beneath. This living room boosts high practicality in its own interior style. This small living room has its gray wall installed with white recessed shelves to offer simple access to publications and materials. A frameless mirror on the wall provides open feeling in this interior. For the furnishing, the proprietor picked two accent chairs with bonded leather chairs.

This is just another fantastic example of a living room with practicality. In addition, the cabinets are mounted into the wall to provide more space. The big rectangular windows give this room ideal brightness. The windows are much more alluring with a brown curtain collection. Two faux leather armchairs have glistening outlook and stunning zebra cushions. The brownish futon couch and also the white shag rug just make the interior seems perfect.

Let us take a look at the first photograph to find another stunning living room. This modern functional living room style features stylish furniture collection involving a black cloth couch and brown accent chairs. Meanwhile, in addition, it includes a crystal clear glass coffee table which sits on a unique zebra mat. The easy furniture and serene color scheme additionally define the viability of this living room.Image source

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